​ENTOD Research Cell UK

Who Are We?

We are an Ophthalmic Research Based Company run by a group of highly qualified pharmaceutical scientists and clinical pharmacists. Set up as a Formulation Research & Development Organisation specializing in the ophthalmic field, the company is primarily focused on the design and development of newer ophthalmic drug delivery systems for our international pharmaceutical clients, while optimising and improving existing formulations in the global market.

The company has close associations with various ophthalmic institutions, professional bodies, ophthalmic research centres and other pharmaceutical companies.This gives it access to the latest technologies, research findings and allows collaborative working. The company's ERC Labs Division successfully manages a global network of highly specialized Formulation R&D centres and laboratories, and provides its services to a large number of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

ERC Labs has also been involved in the development of innovative and safer ophthalmic preservatives and specialty excipients used in the ophthalmic pharmaceutical industry.

Our Quality Systems

Our quality systems are certified by the Swiss based European notified body QS Zurich AG (Notified Body number 1254). QS Zurich AG is formally accredited against EN 45012 - EN ISO/IEC 17021 and by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). If you need further details of this accreditation and the certifying notified body you may visit www.quality-service.ch

We are also WHO GMP certified for manufacturing and supply of ophthalmic products. Our exclusive GLP certified laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical and microbiological facilities including HPLC analysis, pH and Osmolarity, Viscometry and Sterility Testing that allows the most stringent in-house Quality Assurance system checks to be performed on all our products.

We are WHO GMP accredited and ISO 13485:2012 & AC:2012 Certified for the Manufacture and Supply of Sterile Ophthalmic Products.

Click Here to download a copy of our ISO quality systems

Click Here for a copy of our WHO GMP certificate.