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Quality, Innovation & Research in Ophthalmic Products

Entod Research Cell UK Ltd is an Ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical entity specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of Premium Quality and Innovative Ocular Diagnostics, Specialized Dry Eye therapies and Ophthalmic Wellness products for the UK, EU and regulated markets.


Being Ophthalmic Experts for over 40 years we have specialized in areas such as development and production of diagnostic ophthalmic strips such as fluorescein strips, lissamine green strips and lubricating ocular solutions.

With our highly specialized globally accredited international factory network we manufacture our products to US FDA cGMP standards using technology mastered by the laboratories of the Entod International Group with whom we have partnered for our pharmaceutical venture.

With an efficient and passionate team we strive for the best that quality has to offer in the ophthalmic specialty.