Contract Manufacture and Private Labelling

If you  are an opticians/pharmacy chain, distributor or retailer and are looking to sell our innovative product range in your own brand label, we could offer your a Private Label (OBL) package. As part of this package you will get:

- Any of our existing product(s) in your own brand name

- Flexible order quantities

- Basic product promotional support

- Manufacturing as per WHO GMP and US FDA cGMP standards

- CE certified products as per the latest Medical Device Directives

- Cost-effective pricing

- Faster lead time from date of order.

Our highly specialized and globally accredited network of ophthalmic production facilities uses the latest technology such automated filling systems and adhere to US FDA cGMP standards. The technology we use is acquired through a partnership with the Entod International Group, which is one of the leading ophthalmic pharmaceutical groups and has been specializing in ophthalmic formulation development and manufacturing since 1977.

To discuss the OBL package kindly fill in the form below and we will get back to you.

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